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Episode 176 – Data vs The Narrative

You ever get a seller that tells you their land is worth $100,000 and then you look at comps and see that everything “like-kind” is selling for $10,000? How about a Wholesaler that tells you they’re giving you a steal of a deal and that you’ll double your money on cash, triple it on terms! Then you look at the comps and their “wholesale” price is actually already at market. Atleast it comes with pictures and Due Diligence right? Those are the kind of things we’re talking about today. You see it all the time, you might even be guilty of it. Sometimes we even lie to ourselves about what we’ve got but that ends today! Data can be your best friend in the business because it’s centered around facts and listening to the facts will save you a ton of heartache down the road. I promise! You can trust us on this because the data will tell you that we know what we’re talking about!