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Episode 175 – The Truth About Partnerships

It’s no secret that partnerships can be both good and bad. You’ll have some to help out with the workload, you’ll have someone to work through ideas with, someone to share the cost with, etc.. etc.. Those can also turn into the bad things though. One partner starts feeling like they’re doing all of the work, you both have different visions of the future, one person is bad with money, etc.. etc.. Lately we’ve even spoken with a few people that took on partners expecting to 10x their business and in reality nothing happened except the fact that they now have to split there pay. Effectively cutting their own pay in half which nobody would be happy about. So today’s show is about how to work with a partner, if it’s a good idea for you and ways to make it work. If you’ve got a good working relationship feel free to add in what works for y’all!