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Episode 225 – Why Are You Doing Questionable Deals?

A lot of us in the Land Flipping Business are guilty of this… You do a marketing blitz, the calls start coming in and you’re evaluating properties. You’re get some good ones that you’re definitely going to buy and you get some that are definitely not worth buying but right there in the mix are some properties that you think to yourself, “I can probably make this work”. These properties may have questionable access or they may have questionable attributes or they may have a whole list of other items that should make you turn and run but for whatever reason we buy them. Well.. That’s what today’s show is here to correct! We should know better than this! There’s so many great opportunities out there that we don’t need to risk our money on deals that might not return anything. So, join us today as we combat these thoughts and only focus on the sure things!