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Episode 224 – When Is The Deal Done?

There’s going to be times in your Land Investing career that you’ll speak to someone and they’ll tell you that they want to purchase your property. They’ll sound committed and excited and maybe even agree to a price but for whatever reason they need a day or so to go check out the property, get the sales agreement signed,  get you your down payment, etc. So, as anyone would, you’ll start to think you’ve got the property sold and waiting a day or so isn’t that uncommon. Then comes along another interested buyer. They tell you the same things but they seem a little bit more interested and seem to want to move a little quicker. So what do you do? Is the deal done with the first person? Do you play the two people off each other? Sell to the first person with money? These are all good questions and on today’s show we’re gonna talk all about them and how we handle it. So, join us because if this hasn’t happened yet it will definitely happen at some point in your career and you’ll want to be prepared.