The title to this show seems so obvious. I mean you’ve taken the risk to start your own business. You’ve put up your hard earned money, you’ve taken time away from your family and friends, you’re putting in a ton of effort and you’re making things happen. Then something happens or someone says something that makes you question everything that you’re doing. They make you feel like you’re doing it wrong or that it won’t work or maybe even they push you into a path that benefits them somehow but definitely not you. Well, we’re here today to tell you to stop messing around with those people! This is your business and the success and failure depends on you! You’re a business owner and it’s your job to lead the ship. You find a better more efficient way to do something? Go f*c$%ing do it and tell your haters to screw off. Things get heated today as one of our host is pretty passionate about this so listen in and as always we hope you enjoy it.