Getting started with Real Estate Investing is an exciting time. You’re more than likely eager to get your first deal going and build a thriving business as fast as you can. If you’re like most people you probably have some sort of vision of how you’d like your business to look too. Maybe you want to be the Cashflow King or maybe you want a small team that focuses only on large deals so that’s what you work on. This is all great with the exception that you don’t even really know what you like yet, what you’re good at or what really gets you excited. When you find these things out and you put your focus into them, you build a business that is not only profitable but it’s rewarding. When you neglect these things and focus on what you think you should be building the opposite happens. So join us today as we dive into this and how our businesses have changed over the years because I guaranty you they are nowhere near what we originally set out to be.