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Sometimes in life it seems like you can’t lose. You’re firing on all cylinders and one win leads to another. You take those wins and turn them into growth and you get better and better at whatever it is you’re doing. In the land business this can mean you’re buying tons of land and selling it really quickly, maybe your even taking your profits, reinvesting and doing bigger deals. This is a great feeling and if you work hard enough this is something you can definitely experience. There’s another side to this as well. Sometimes the constant winning can blind you into a false sense of security that you can’t fail. We’ve experienced this too. There’s nothing worse than killing it only to lose it all the next day. So join us today as we talk about a subject that’s been on our minds a lot lately. We’re in a market where it’s really easy to make money and get caught up in the winning cycle but if you’re not careful, when the market shifts, you might not like where you end up if you’re not prepared.