This isn’t just land specific, this is something that’s seen across all aspects of life and it can easily affect the money you make. We definitely see it in our niche though and sometimes it’s even brought on by us so it’s important to recognize when you’re scaring someone and how to deal with it. For example, when you’re thinking about getting into the land investing business and you tell your friends / family they may respond with doubt that it’ll work and try to talk you out of it. What do they know though? Are they investing in land? Chances are they know nothing about it and definitely aren’t doing it. The same type of fear exist from buyers interested in our property. They’ll see a listing filled with tons and tons of information that they might not understand and back out. It can be even easier than that too. They may just not be able to believe that you can buy land from us so cheap! So how do you handle these situations? Join us today as we dive into it.