Every single day we’re given the opportunity to change whatever situation we’re in if we don’t like the one we’re currently dealt. For many of our listeners that means changing their financial status by building a business through the buying and selling of rural land. Doing this means getting out there and doing the work no matter what though. It won’t always be easy either, in fact there will be times that you’re stressed out at work, you’ve got family responsibilities, you do a bad mailer, etc.. etc.. When this happens, your dreams are tested and many people will give up and by doing so, they fail. They give up on their dreams of being an Investor and they go back to what’s easy. Why would you do that though!?! That’s crazy. If being your own boss is the goal why would you give up when it gets hard only to go back to a job you hate? If you’ve ever felt this way you’ve got to join us today as we talk about this.