One sure fire way to get yourself in to trouble, no matter what your industry is, is to rely 100% on “easy buttons” and the latest and greatest technology without knowing how to run your business if those things fail. That doesn’t mean we don’t recommend some great tools but when you’re first getting started you want to learn how to run your operations like it’s the stone age, you’re hungry and the only thing you’ve got is a lake, a stick and some string. Then, once you’ve got a solid foundation of how to do everything that needs to be done you can start adding in tools to make your life easier. In the land industry this means learning how to pick counties, how to price those counties, how to get data, write deeds, close deals, manage notes, etc.. The list goes on and on but once you know how to do these things life gets real easy because one of the best things about being a land investor is all the tools at our disposal. So join us today as we talk about this and all the things we think you need to know and then some of the great tech that makes things easier for you once you do.