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Episode 230 – Be Everywhere Results

When it comes to selling land we’ve always preached a “be everywhere” mentality. That literally means post your land for sale anywhere you can think of. In our business we use Realtors and all the websites that they have available to them through the MLS. We also use Craigslist, Facebook groups, paid Facebook advertising, eBay, Specialty forums, etc.. etc.. You never know where your buyer is going to come from so you don’t want to miss out any opportunities. With that in mind, we’re gonna share just how powerful this is on the show today. We’re knee deep into Project 1 right now and we’ve got some great properties for sale that we want to move quickly so we’re gonna share how that’s been going and what all we’ve seen so far. So, join us! This is sure to be a great episode with some great knowledge!