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Episode 213 – The Dumb Card

I know for a fact that anyone reading this right now has dealt with someone who tried using the Dumb Card. Even if you don’t know what I mean by that, I know you recognize the signs. It’s the expression on someone’s face when you’ve asked for something, they didn’t get it done and now they’re quickly trying to come up with an excuse. It’s the fear of moving forward on a project or task and when confronted with why, they’ll tell you some poor story about not knowing how and instead of figuring it out they just did nothing. The worst is when you can tell the person just didn’t use their head and think things through. As a business owner it can drive you nuts working with people like this and it can also be a business killer if you, the leader, are the one pulling that card all the time. So, we’re gonna talk about all of this on today’s show and how to avoid it. It’ll definitely be a good one so make sure you join us!