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Episode 210 – How Has Quarantine Made You Better?

Let’s face it, most of us have more free time on our hands right now than we’ve ever had in our life. The gyms are closed, the stores are closed, we can’t go sit down at our favorite restaurants and as much as I’d love to go find a bar with a rooftop and have a drink or two we all know that that ain’t happen. So what have we been doing with our free time? Are you sitting around watching endless hours of Netflix or have you taken this time to better yourself? Because at some point this is all gonna be over and we’ll return to our normal lives. The people that took this time as a way to learn something new, grow as a person or strengthen relationships will most likely come out ahead. So what have we been doing to get better you ask? Well.. You’re gonna have to listen to today’s show to hear that!