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Episode 203 – Don’t Buy The What Ifs

When you’re properly marketing for Land to Buy you are going to get A LOT of responses back. It’s one of the most predictable things about this niche. You put the mail out and the calls come in. You’ll get all sorts of calls too. Some will be annoyed that you sent them a letter, some will want to negotiate and others are ready to sell right then. It’s a great feeling when you get a call and it’s someone willing to sell their land at a ridiculously low price. We’re in this to make money and you know before you even look that your offer on the land was well below market value so now we’re really excited. So you get off the phone with them and you start your due diligence only to find that the road doesn’t fully extend to the property or that its landlocked or whatever else you find that makes it a questionable purchase. So instead of passing on the deal you start asking yourself “what if”. What if I could extend the road? What if I could build a road? etc.. etc.. That’s when you get yourself in trouble because those what ifs can turn a great deal into a bad deal real quick and I assure you there’s more than enough good deals out there that you don’t have to mess around with these questionable ones. So join us today as talk about it and then let us know what you think.