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Episode 196 – Does It Take More Mail To Buy Bigger Properties?

If you’ve been around this business for awhile you’ve no doubt heard the statistic that you can buy one property for every three to four hundred mailers you sent out. We’ve actually seen that in our businesses so it’s not to crazy to think about. The property type that got those kind of numbers though is definitely in the lower range of market value. There’s nothing wrong with that and plenty of people make a killer living shopping those deals. What about the Bass Boat properties though? The properties that are higher in dollar value and that have the potential to make you life changing money on one deal? Does the one out of three to four hundred statistic still apply there? Well… You’re gonna have to tune in today to see what the numbers are because we actually know. We’ve sent out a ton of mail this year and can share what’s actually working. So join in and then let us know what you’re seeing.