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Episode 183 – Thoughts On Negotiations

One of the great things about how we buy land is that our sellers know exactly what we’re willing to pay when they get our mailer. Without fail though, people are going to call you and want to negotiate on the price you’re offering. It’s only human nature so I don’t blame them. The thing about our business is that we’ve already done the hard work up front and have made offers on what we believe is our final price so do we even have room to negotiate? Or even better, do we want to negotiate? The whole point of blind offers is to cut that part of the business out right? Clearly this is up to you because you can always send more mail and people will accept your offers but maybe we’re missing some great deals because we’re not having the conversations. So join us today as we talk about what we do and maybe you’ll have a light bulb moment that can help you out.