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Episode 125 – The Abundance Mindset

There’s enough to go around. It’s kind of hard to imagine that when you get started in a new business because it goes against everything that you feel. That’s where the Abundance Mindset comes into play. In the land business for example there’s more deals to be had than one person could ever handle. Even as more people come in the business that stays true because there’s so many different ways to run this business. The type of land you buy, the size you buy and where you buy are going to be so completely different than others that you’re not really competing with others. This is true in all aspects of business and that’s why we have no problems helping others get started flipping land. So if you’re out there and you’re worried about things like this then listen in today and really let it sink in that there’s so much to go around and just get out there and run your business!