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Episode 237 – The Final Frontier

Where would you go if you wanted to completely get away? What’s your idea of the final frontier? Are you more of a mountains and river kind of person or are you looking for some secluded beach front property? In the land business we come across a bunch of property, some rural and some not so rural and when we see it we get start struck on how pretty it is and imagine keeping it for whatever reason. The other day we were actually having the conversation about this and where we would go if we needed to get away or just decided we’d had enough. Sometimes letting your imagination run wild and thinking about these things are fun so join us today as we talk about the final frontier for us and then let us know what you think. Where you headed?

Episode 236 – Investing For a Better You

It doesn’t matter if you’ve already got a successful business up and running or you’re a brand new entrepreneur. Investing in yourself and your business are essential to success and long term growth. You’ve got to love to learn new strategies, you’ve got to be happy to invest in new tools. There’s a saying in business that goes, “if you’re not growing, you’re dying” and that couldn’t be more true. Most people will hear that though and automatically assume it means that you’re business has to get bigger and bigger or else it will fail. In reality that growth you need can come in a variety of ways. Maybe you pick a weakness that you have as a leader and get a coach for it. Maybe you’re lacking in systems so you invest optimization. It doesn’t matter but the growth you’ll experience by doing these things in the end will make you a better at what you do and that’s what’s important. So, join us today as we talk about some of the things we’ve recently implemented and talk about how you should be doing the same!

Episode 235 – Success Isn’t Built Overnight

Success isn’t built overnight, in fact, for most it’s a long road ahead. It’s a journey that takes dedication, hard work and the belief in yourself that what you’re doing today will pay off in the future. The problem with that though is that it’s really easy to get caught up in the idea that you should be swimming in cash overnight. That your new business venture will be easy and extremely profitable within weeks or months. The truth couldn’t be any further from that and instant success is just a myth spread by social media post and gurus trying to sell you their newest Get Rich Quick scheme. So join us today because we’ve got a really good example of this that we’re going to talk about. You may have heard about this already but Joe Rogan recently sold his podcast for 100 million dollars! What you might not know is how long it took him to get there, how many shows he had to do, how many hours it took to refine his craft and have a show worth selling. It’s the dedication that got him the massive sell and it’s that same dedication that will help you get to where you want to be.

Episode 234 – Hold On, Offers Are Coming

Every now and then you’ll have a property that, for whatever reason, is taking a little longer to sell. It could be the marketing, the time of year, the price, etc.. As Land Investors we don’t make any money when our properties are sitting so we’re inclined to analyze what’s happening and make adjustments. Sometime something like switching your photos around or adding in a drone video is all that it takes for a property to sell. Well, recently we had a property just like this and as we’re about to make the changes, our Realtor tells us to hold off because he thinks an offer is about to come in. So what do you do? You don’t have the offer in hand right now so you can’t bank on it? If you do get an offer then spending money on the extra marketing wasn’t worth it. So do you move forward and take that risk or do you wait? Join us today as we talk about what we do and how these things should be handled.


Episode 233 – Is Entrepreneurship a Disease?

You ever hear the quote that, “the Entrepreneur is the only person who will work 100 hours per week for themselves to avoid working 40 hours per week for someone else”? What does that say about us? Are we wired wrong? We all know people that are more than comfortable putting in their time at the office and then coming home and forgetting about it and that’s great for those people. For most entrepreneurs though, the thought of working for someone else is soul sucking and we couldn’t imagine doing anything else. We accept and welcome the hard work, the constant drive, the late hours and wear it like a badge of honor. We could never be content just punching a clock because we’re not built that way. So, does that make us crazy? Are we riddled with the entrepreneurial disease? Maybe… But if you’re like us you love it and accept it not matter what ups and downs come with it. Join us today as we talk about this and everything we’ve experienced in our journey as our own bosses.

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