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Episode 223 – Building Wealth Using Self Directed IRAs with Brian Martinez

Did you know, if set up properly, you can use your retirement accounts to invest in Real Estate? This is such a great opportunity for people if they’re aware of how to do it and That’s why we’re really excited to have Brian Martinez on the show today! Brian is a Senior Business Development Representative with NuView Trust out of Longwood, Florida who helps people harness the power of investing with a Self Directed IRA. We’ve got a lot of questions for him because this is a topic that a lot of people are interested in but very few know much about. So join us today as we uncover all the ins and outs and see if this opportunity is right for you!


Episode 222 – What You Don’t Need To Be Successful In Land Investing

It’s not uncommon when people first launch their Land Investing Business to get caught up on a lot of small things that can easily get in the way of you making money. When you’re brand new to this or any business for that matter, these items seem really important and they definitely have their place but if you allow them to slow your progress or even flat out stop you from doing anything until you have them then you’re already setting yourself up for failure. So join us on the show today as we talk about them. There’s some items that you may actually want but definitely don’t need right away and then there’s others that just seem flat out ridiculous!

Episode 221 – Why People Sell Us Their Land

One of the most common questions we hear from people that are looking to get into this niche is, why would someone sell us their land so cheap? It’s a great question because we normally buy land anywhere from 10% to 35% of value and then we sell it for full price without doing anything to it. So why wouldn’t the seller just do that themselves? Well.. There’s a few reasons why and on today’s show we’re gonna talk about them and I think once you hear the reasons it’ll make perfect sense and honestly you’ll probably be chomping at the bit to get out there and buy some land! So if you’re like a lot of people with this question you’ve gotta make sure you join us today!

Episode 220 – What Does Money Solved Look Like To You?

What does money solved look like to you? I know you’ve thought about it before. I’m talking about the dollar amount that represent total freedom to you. It’s the number that allows you to live the life you’ve dreamed about. Whether that’s sitting on the beach drinking mimosas, living off grid in a cabin, spending more time with your family or using that money to grow your business without fear or loss. Everyone’s number is going to be different and on today’s show we’re gonna talk about what that number is to us or if we even have a number in mind. I love topics like these because it allows your mind to run free and to create the life you want. Then once you have it the only thing stopping you from making it a reality is you. So get out there and make it happen!

Episode 219 – Buying Native American Land

By now I’m sure you’ve heard us speak about Project 1 and how we’re changing the game by not only being completely transparent about our business but we’re also giving back to those that trusted us at our last Live Event. As we work through the deals that we’re purchasing for this project we’ve run into some new things we’ve never dealt with before. One of those items has to do with buying land that has Native American interest in it. We’ve got a great piece of land that we’d like to buy but it hasn’t been as simple as a lot of our purchases. So today we’re gonna walk you through the process and lessons that we’ve learned so far and hopefully shed some light on what you’ll need to be aware of when you come across this in your land business.

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