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Episode 242 – The Two People Inside You

Everyone’s got two people inside of them. There’s the one that wants to push you further, make you better and grow into the person you want to be and the there’s the one that cast doubt, fear and unworthiness. Ultimately, how you feed these two people determines where you end up in life and business. It can be a constant struggle between the two but if you recognize this, you can plan accordingly and nothing can stand in your way if you don’t want it to. Join us today as we talk about this and what we do to be the people we want to be.

Episode 241 – You’ve Gotta Put Yourself Out There

If you haven’t figured it out yet, opportunities in life aren’t just going to magically come find you and there’s no fairy that’s going to come along and sprinkle some killer opportunity dust on you either. If you want success, you’ve gotta be willing to put yourself out there and do the work. The more you put yourself out there, the more things will come your way. In the land investing niche that can be as simple as getting started or sending more mail or scouring the groups for partners. It doesn’t really matter what you’re doing as long as your getting out there and trying something. If it makes you uncomfortable, great! Do it anyway and eventually it’ll become common place. The only thing we don’t recommend is hiding in the background. If you want it, put yourself out there and go get it!

Episode 240 – Do Ever Stop Marketing a Property?

Marketing your properties for sale is a crucial step in successful land investing. It seems obvious but if you’re not putting in the work to get your land sold then it will sit forever. When we sell our properties we use the “Be Everywhere” method which, just like it sounds, means be everywhere. You post your properties on all the land sites, craigslist, Facebook, forums, etc. etc. So the question is, do you go back and take all that down, mark it sold or keep it going? Join us today as talk about what we do and then let us know what you think.

Episode 239 – Does Your Idea Have To Be Earth Shattering?

After the great show we just had with the Prycd.com team we started thinking about all the people who are looking for that one thing that they can create that will change the world and make them super rich. We hear it all the time, people will say something like, “I’d love to create a business I just can’t think of anything to do that isn’t already out there”. This kind of thinking can be a dream killer because you don’t necessarily have to create the next big thing. You can start with what you know already works and expand it from there once you get going. Were we the first people to do Land Investing? No but we learned it and then made it our own. The same goes for the Prycd guys. They got into the niche, found a problem and then created a solution around it. These kind of things are everywhere once you get started so join us today and get your mind running and see what you can come up with.

Episode 238 – Prycd.com CoFounder Max Edson

Everyone knows one of the most time consuming parts of your Direct Mail campaigns is putting together the comps and data for your Blind Offers. Well not anymore!! We’re really excited to have Max Edson, the CoFounder of Prycd.com on the show today. They’ve got a great new program that takes all the guess work out of correctly pricing your offers and getting and scrubbing the data. We were actually quite critical of this because we know that pricing your offers can be a bit of an art but we were absolutely blown away with what these guys have put together. So, join us today as we learn all about the program and the special they’re launching with us! You won’t want to miss this episode!

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