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Episode 215 – The Perfect Side Hustle

There are A LOT of people with the dream of becoming a full time investor and we fully support that idea. There’s nothing better than being in control of your future and having the ability to be your own boss. However, there’s an equal amount of people who want to get started investing but can’t leave their job quite yet or maybe they love their job and are looking for extra income. Let’s not forget about those that already own a business and are looking to add real estate to the mix too. These are the people today’s show is for. There is no better way to get started in Real Estate or create extra income than flipping raw land. First, you can get started with ANY budget. Second, you never have to deal with bad contractors, flaky tenants or busted pipes and third, the time commitment can be incredibly low. Seriously! What’s not to love about all that? Check out today’s show as we break all this down and really dive into what this is all about.